Aarambh Classes

Aarambh Classes trusted by no. of students and teachers, throughout the Bihar.

We are not the biggest, but we care the most. Even though you will visit other websites for similar services, we want you to remember us and tell your friends about us. We put the work to be that awesome for you.

Operating Principles

  1. Information should be free - People who can not afford to pay should not be forced to.
  2. Ease of operation - Design user-friendly systems and improve them continuously based on your feedback.
  3. The inclusion of everybody - This means not only metros and big cities but also remote areas in small and developing areas.
  4. Quality of information - Even if we have to sacrifice ease of operation a little bit, the increase in quality takes precedence.
  5. Zero tolerance towards miscreants, spammers, and marketers who care about nothing but their profit.
  6. You first - Students are the future and the teachers are what make them. Everything we do is focussed on how to best serve the interests of students and teachers. 

Our commitment to you

Your data is never shared or sold. You will never be spammed.

You can expect continuous improvement in the platform, quick action on your feedback, with ever-increasing features and more chances for you to find teachers and teaching jobs.